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Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Issues being set for 2020 campaign, Trump in control



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Democrats have now allowed Trump to set the course for the 2020 campaign. They took the bait and now must fight Trump until the end over border security.

It is always dangerous to have a reflex NO answer to everything. They have now foolishly given Trump the lead on this issue. They could have negotiated concessions from Trump and come out as the reasonable, bi-partisan players in Washington, instead, like being tapped on the knee by the doctor, their foot hit the ceiling in reflex action with an unequivocal NO.

Now we are in a standoff that it will be interesting to see how this will be resolved. We can expect to see sobbing about government workers and others caused by the shutdown. They better pray that there will not be a major border incident in the near future.

The media has cooperated by fact checking the President even before his speech, Their bias and hate for Trump is so deeply rooted that it is just oozing out of every broadcast. Does anyone in these media companies ever review or question their direction?

One thing for sure, Trump is overwhelming the media as he has for three years. Is it planned or is it just the consequences of his positions? It is mostly all negative commentary that I am sure they believe will drive Trump's numbers down. They may yet be successful, but so far his numbers have been steady.

They better come up with a candidate soon who can be a spokesmen for the party. If they allow Nancy and Chuck to continue in this role it is likely to be a disaster.

Anyway, so far, Trump is controlling the subject of the debate. We will have to wait and see what or who can  take the lead away from Trump.

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  1. I know now why I left the DEMOCRAT party after more than 30 years! They want to get rid of the white pop. They even hate white women. To many for the woman march.


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