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Friday, March 1, 2024

EU countries, no troops to Ukraine. EU army? Maybe.



First it was Macron of France indicating EU troops to Ukraine, then other EU countries said no, or hell no. Then they call for long range weapons to strike deep into Russia and others say, you better be very careful. U.S. pentagon warns of possible war between Russia and NATO. The reality is that NATO and the U.S. has been fighting a war with Russia for over 2 years and Russia is prevailing.

The incremental policy of escalation has been a failure, much like a weak antibiotic just makes the target stronger. The reality is sanctions and incrementalism has made Russia stronger and is weakening the economies of the west incrementally. It is also too late to attempt to escalate further since now Russia has built up its formally small and untrained military into a far more efficient and experienced force and is preparing for a possible conflict with NATO. At the same time the Western economies sink further into recession, have expended much of their military reserve supplies and now realize they no longer have the industrial capacity to quickly arm up for an all out war with Russia. So it seems they daily openly speak of options and then openly shoot them down in public. It is a very transparent view of the incompetence of the current crop of western leaders. 

Some even talk of limited nuclear strikes on Russia, please lock these people up, before they destroy the world. Then they warn  Russia may use strategic nuclear weapons in Ukraine, that is a really dumb idea as the fallout would quickly end up in Russia and they are winning without nuclear weapons.

Russia has stated clearly that they would only use nuclear weapons in cases of an existential threat to the Russian homeland. The response would be at those who would imitate such an attack on their homeland. This could include long range missile attacks on Russia. 

We also see that France and others now envision a EU army, It is the last remaining key to this proposed European superstate. It may be possible, but it will require years of financial support that will conflict with the green agenda and the focus on social programs. Looking at the political landscape, without some serious new leadership it is most likely a pipe dream. It is more likely they will continue to decline into more chaos and possible obscurity.

The real hope is that the collective west understand that they have stepped in it big in this Ukraine disaster and there is no easy way out. The old sayings about knowing your limitations and knowing when to fold comes to mind. If they really want to preserve Ukraine as some kind of nation in the future and want an opportunity to return to prosperity they would be looking to end this disaster as soon as possible.

Thursday, February 29, 2024

Transnistria asks Russian federation for protection.



Transnistria is located between the southern border of Ukraine and Moldova. It declared its independence from Moldova in 1990 and also declared its independence from the Soviet Union in 1991. There was armed conflict with Moldova at the time that eventually ended in a ceasefire with Romania, Russia and Moldova agreeing to some negotiated peace. It has population of around 365,000 and comprises 1600 square miles. It is not recognized by the international community. Formally it has been part of Romania and Moldova and now has its own government, currency and small military. It also has a contingent of about 1500 Russian troops that were part of the peacekeeping mission in 1991. It is also noted to have a large stockpile of formally Soviet era weapons still on its territory.

In 2006 the citizens voted to become part of the Russian federation, Russia never acknowledged or agreed to this proposal. There is no land bridge connecting it to Russia.

Why this has now come to be an issue is unclear at this time. Moldova still considers this area to be part of Moldova. Some in the west have encouraged Ukraine to invade and capture the Soviet era supplies in this area. It is a small country that in effect has been independent for near 35 years, although without recognition. Is it now just more western strategy to be part of the Ukraine crisis or is Moldova being encouraged to end this independence? 

The population speaks Russia and has around 30% Russian population, with Bulgarian, Romanian and Moldavian population and others. It is in a very vulnerable position.

This week they voted in referendum to ask the Russian federation for protection from foreign attack, not being clear what the eminent danger is at this time. This proposal needs to be considered by the Russian legislature. It can be expected to be controversial no matter what the decision should be, but a refusal may insure an invasion by either Ukraine or Moldova. This  would be an effort to place Russia in an awkward position at the expense of the people of this area.

Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Will we soon be forced to pay to use OUR computers?



At the beginning of this year it seems Microsoft has rolled out their new scheme to milk computer owners of new fees and also to capture every bit of information on your computer. It seems that if you now have Microsoft on your computer you need to open a Microsoft account before you can open your computer. While it is advertised as a free service, I suspect they will in the near future, once everyone has agreed to store all their information, require a monthly fee for this service. The cloud is in effect their servers. I expect we will soon see new computers with less memory, that will require storing information on their servers. They want access to this information.

At present it seems that there is a workaround to avoid this account, but I suspect most just go along and agree to give Microsoft access to  their information. One must wonder if they are already accessing your information when they seem to be regularly upgrading things that seem to effect your computer. I have noticed that after an upgrade sometimes their is a new problem with some features then a solicitation to buy some new software or download some new driver. I for one am in the process of exploring other options than Microsoft on my next computer.

It is already well know that they sell billions of dollars of information to governments in this country and who knows who else. The problem may be that all computer operating systems will attempt to cooperate in this direction.

We no longer can buy software on a disk. In fact we no longer own what we buy, it is downloaded and cannot loaded on our other devices. I understand the video game market, much of it controlled by Microsoft is only an account that allows you to access these games and to operate online requires a monthly fee. None of your information can be stored by you, so in effect, they own it. 

It appears that is where this is going, unless people realize what is happening and push back to demand that when we buy a computer or software it is now ours to use as we please without someone else demanding access and additional fees.

Tuesday, February 27, 2024

Russia advances steadily, Eu to soon send troops?



The fortunes of the Ukrainian army are steadily looking increasingly dim as they are being pressured all along the 600 mile conflict line. Russia is advancing incrementally but at an increasing pace. It seems their strategy is to move forward, then reinforce a defensive line, then move forward. It seems the Russians have abandoned any type of blitzkrieg or shock and awe strategy, just moving forward and grinding down the Ukrainians every day, everywhere.

There are reports that civilians are evacuating out of Karkov and that defensive lines are being built around Kiev. The effort to recruit another 500,000 soldiers by the Ukrainians is becoming very difficult. Sadly, there were some videos out of new Ukrainian recruits who appeared to be both boys and girls much under 18 years old. The average age of the Ukrainian army is estimated at 43 years old with many in their 50's and 60's. Most of the experienced and well trained have either been killed or injured beyond service ability. Kiev has held the remaining elite troops to protect Kiev. 

It is also reported that there are substantial numbers of Polish, U.S., Baltic and French troops already on the ground. It has been verified that a large number of French troops were killed near Karkov. 

Yesterday at a European meeting in Paris there is word that the European countries are contemplating moving troops into western Ukraine. It is interesting that they are not labeling these possible troops as NATO troops. Some believe that this force will be mostly Polish, French and Latvian troops. 

Russia has been clear that it is not interested in occupying all of Ukraine, while it will not give up those oblasts that have voted to become part of Russia, they want a independent, neutral Ukraine. No NATO expansion to the borders of Russia. This has been their position since 2008 and they appear to be willing to go to all out war to have that result. NATO is also adamant that they want to make all of Ukraine a NATO member, with NATO military bases and missiles on the border of Russia. 

The new political strategy in the U.S. is to blame the dire circumstances of Ukraine on Republicans for a lack of money. Money will not buy ammunition that does not exist or soldiers who do not want to die. In the field, it only use is as toilet paper or to line the pockets of those who have the ability to skim off their portion.

Monday, February 26, 2024

U.S. needs to get its house in order now.



The Avalanche of coming crisis on multiple fronts may soon become out of the control of this nation. While we focus on woke social issues, defending the borders around the world and unrestrained spending, the problems are growing to the point that they may soon be too big to manage. It will change the future of this country for decades to come.

The first thing needs to be to stop the bleeding. There are some things that are still in the category of being able to be solved from within, by our own focus on solving these problems.

First is the out of control federal spending, a result of just plain irresponsibility of a majority of politicians on both sides of the isle. A combination of buying votes at home, by promising a never ending flow of money in an attempt to win votes rather than doing what it in the long term best interest of the country.

Then there is the money used to buy friends and allies overseas, to protect the borders around the world, yet have no money to protect our own borders. This is coupled with money spent to punish those who refuse to swear allegiance to our vison of foreign and domestic policy. A strategy of, you are either our friend and do as we say or you are our enemy, and we will make life difficult for you and your citizens. It all costs a lot money and is now creating more enemies than friends. 

Then there is the obvious disaster of an uncontrolled border, desired by one side to gain political power by enlisting new arrivals as new voters, and others who hope to profit from cheap labor. The cost to states and local governments, that will either be paid by taxpayers or result in the decrease of services is incalculable. 

The federal deficit last year was 1.6 Trillion 2 x the bloated defense budget that refuses to be audited and has lots of expensive, complicated weapons but a shortage of basic ammunition. 

The above things that we have power to improve now, if we have the will. These things are in our power to solve, if we can look to the long range best interest of this nation.

Longer range is the reality that our so called immense Gross Domestic product is only composed of 11 % that is manufacturing, mining and agriculture. The true necessities of life and the source of growing wealth. China has near 5x our manufacturing capacity and Russia is just shy of equal. While we focus on saving the planet we are increasingly not having the ability to provide for our own self sufficiency. Trade deficits lead to wealth leaving the country and results in an increase in debt of individuals, companies and governments attempting to sustain their desired standard of living. 

The ballooning national debt of now $34 Trillion is forcing much of the world to  reject buying U.S. debt, not as a hostile effort but to protect their wealth from being slowly diluted by our deficits and inflation. This is now on an unsustainable course.

We see conflict increasing around the world and lots of bloviating by our officials that we are strongest military in the world. A strong military needs a strong base at home, we do not have the manufacturing base to sustain our military. Our woke polices have driven many good service members to leave and to not encourage their children to follow in their former path of military service. With the political division at home, does anyone really believe that a military draft today to fight in foreign lands without purpose will ever be embraced by the present population? they are deluded.

Then we hear some advancing the solution of a immigrant military with the promise of citizenship as a solution, a military made up of people who do not understand America, have no inherit loyalty to American citizens.  A very dangerous idea, that could only be put forth by fools or those with evil intent.

The reality is that 2024 seems to be evolving into a year of decisions, not just politically, but on the desire of all Americans to focus on strengthening this nation from within or loose the ability to control our future.

Friday, February 23, 2024

Biden lied and over 50 bureaucrats swore it was true.



Now that it has been accepted that the Hunter Biden laptop story is real and much worse than previously reported it should of interest who was instrumental in conveying misinformation to the public. There should be special scrutiny of the, " so called" former intelligence experts. some are well known and prolific liars, like Jim Clapper, who has been know to swear under oath that the federal government does not collect information on American citizens. He was exposed by the true whistleblower, Edward Snowden, who had to flee the country to preserve his life.  This list of those who signed the letter claiming Russian disinformation also includes other nightly quests on CNN and MSNBC, Mike Hayden, Leon Panetta, John Brennan and many more. While no longer working for the government they are still perpetuating the disinformation.  Supposedly we should believe them because of their former employment by the government.

Below are some of the liars, who still hold their heads high and continue to spew propaganda to the American people. No guilt, no contrition, just the same elite arrogance.

The signatories include Jim Clapper, Mike Hayden, Leon Panetta, John Brennan, Thomas Finger, Rick Ledgett, John McLaughlin, Michael Morell, Mike Vickers, Doug Wise, Nick Rasmussen, Russ Travers, Andy Liepman, John Moseman, Larry Pfeiffer, Jeremy Bash, Rodney Snyder, Glenn Gerstell, David B. Buckley, Nada Bakos, Patty Brandmaier, James B. Bruce, David Cariens, Janice Cariens, Paul Kolbe, Peter Corsell, Brett Davis, Roger Zane George, Steven L. Hall, Kent Harrington, Don Hepburn, Timothy D. Kilbourn, Ron Marks, Jonna Hiestand Mendez, Emile Nakhleh, Gerald A. O’Shea, David Priess, Pam Purcilly, Marc Polymeropoulos, Chris Savos, Nick Shapiro, John Sipher, Stephen Slick, Cynthia Strand, Greg Tarbell, David Terry, Greg Treverton, John Tullius, David A. Vanell, Winston Wiley, and Kristin Wood; 

So, while we can expect that they will never face any consequences for their intentional lies, we can at least consider giving little credence to anything they should say in the future in their new jobs of paid propagandists. 

Originally posted 4/4/22. 

Now we are to believe any hint of scandal of the Biden's is again Russian disinformation. It seems easy to get DOJ and government employees to swear to such things. What a poor example this country has become to the world.

Thursday, February 22, 2024

Senior Pakistan Election commissioner admits vote rigging.



The ongoing crisis in nuclear armed Pakistan has now escalated with the confession of senior election commissioner Rawalpindi Liaqat Ali Chatta. confessing that he altered votes in Rawalpindi, Punjab province. Chatta stated that he was put under so much pressure that he contemplated suicide rather than alter the votes. He has now stated that he is sorry and was willing to accept punishment for his role. 

Chatta also indicated that he was instructed by the Chief election commissioner and the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The 70,000 votes were switched from those supporting jailed former president of Pakistan Imran Khan to the Pakistan military supported candidate. Khan was voted out of office last year by parliament after being pressured by the U.S. state department that if he was not removed there would be trouble with the U.S. Khan had advocated for his country staying neutral in global political alliances.

The vote rigging in this province alone resulted in 13 candidates denied their victory and allowed the military candidate to attempt to form a coalition government, even though Khan's supporters were the majority winner. 

Unrest and protests escalated across the country with many demanding that the results be scrapped and new elections be held. The military has responded by arresting protesters. 

While it is likely that U.S. backed military will retain their power over the presidency, internal affairs in Pakistan will never be the same as the majority of citizens understands that free and fair elections do not happen in Pakistan.