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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

The demonization of Elon Musk.



Domestic policy and media personalities are subject to the same criteria for acceptance as the rest of the world. You are either for us or you are the enemy. It is the general policy of the United States elite ruling class. We see this tactic used everywhere for foreign leaders like Orban of Hungary, who has not fallen over himself in supporting every global dictate either economically or socially. We see the same conderning Xi of China and any leader or country who believes that countries should have the right to chart their own destiny. 

Elon Musk is the latest domestic example, a innovator, that has created thousands of jobs, who has been the leading manufacturer of electric vehicles and the best private builder of space rockets. Yet, when he decided that he would buy Twitter, the darling of the elite ruling class with, federal agents on the payroll controlling the content, it was then the beginning of a program to destroy him. 

So far he has survived, but the lawsuits are piling up and government investigations are expanding all in an effort to silence him and hopefully bring him onboard the ruling class ship. They can look to their success with others like Bill Gates, who finances and promotes every cause they endorse and is now a darling rather than a demon.

We have seen the same treatment of Putin of Russia when he refused to allow access to the wealth of Russia for foreign exploitation and pushed back at regime change and revolution on Russia's borders.

We have seen Donald Trump, a well known and respected leader of business in New York, quickly become the most hated man of the media and the ruling class, both Republican and Democrat. They have no limit to the injustice and the lengths they will go to in their desire to discredit and destroy him. So far he has survived, only because they likely fear making him a martyr that could haunt them for years.

While more Americans and people around the world are becoming aware of these tactics, they continue, and will continue and possibly escalate until this evil bunch is exposed and driven out of power.

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