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Thursday, February 22, 2024

Senior Pakistan Election commissioner admits vote rigging.



The ongoing crisis in nuclear armed Pakistan has now escalated with the confession of senior election commissioner Rawalpindi Liaqat Ali Chatta. confessing that he altered votes in Rawalpindi, Punjab province. Chatta stated that he was put under so much pressure that he contemplated suicide rather than alter the votes. He has now stated that he is sorry and was willing to accept punishment for his role. 

Chatta also indicated that he was instructed by the Chief election commissioner and the Chief Justice of Pakistan.

The 70,000 votes were switched from those supporting jailed former president of Pakistan Imran Khan to the Pakistan military supported candidate. Khan was voted out of office last year by parliament after being pressured by the U.S. state department that if he was not removed there would be trouble with the U.S. Khan had advocated for his country staying neutral in global political alliances.

The vote rigging in this province alone resulted in 13 candidates denied their victory and allowed the military candidate to attempt to form a coalition government, even though Khan's supporters were the majority winner. 

Unrest and protests escalated across the country with many demanding that the results be scrapped and new elections be held. The military has responded by arresting protesters. 

While it is likely that U.S. backed military will retain their power over the presidency, internal affairs in Pakistan will never be the same as the majority of citizens understands that free and fair elections do not happen in Pakistan.

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